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A Devotional by Dori Grassau

Dori Grassau looked to her faith to pull her through a dark time during and after her divorce. In Looking for Redbirds, she shares hopeful stories and lessons learned with others who may be going through hard times.

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What others are saying about the book:

“Dori Grassau’s lovely devotional, Looking for Redbirds, reads like a conversation with a close friend about walking a life of faith each day, through the doubts and challenges as well as the joys. Here are the heart-to-heart stories of recent happiness and/or heartbreak, the advice, the recommendation of the good book one of you is reading that these conversations always contain. The sweet, abiding faith expressed throughout the 40 days of devotions is a comfort and a balm in these troubled times we live in, and is never preachy. ‘Perhaps I am here only to plant a little seed in someone’s heart to get them thinking about God and the possibility that maybe, just maybe He does exist,’ Dori says on Day 17, in ‘A Life without Faith.’ I smiled when I read thus, imagining the author’s words as handfuls of seeds flung to feed the redbirds we learn at the beginning of the book are a symbol of the Holy Spirit’s loving presence and care. Looking for Redbirds does indeed plant seeds of a faith that sustains.” Maureen Ryan Griffin, author of Spinning Words into Gold

“It is very well done and engaging on both the personal and spiritual levels. You have a great mix of anecdotes and scriptures. I pray that everyone who reads it will be blessed and encouraged!” – Robert Whitlow, film-maker & best-selling author of fifteen legal thrillers. 

“Helpful perspectives on life lessons. Such a wonderful way to reflect on life and all it’s experiences.  Helpful in finding new perspectives to apply to your own personal life experiences.  I look back at it frequently when I need a reset and it always gets me back on track.  Love it!” – Judy A. Nelson, Photographer, Artist.