Shades of Love

With so much turmoil on our screens and in our streets, why can’t we realize that the color of our skin shouldn’t matter? How about we ALL just start treating each other with love? I believe the Lord created us all. There should be no shame in whichever color our skin is. If you open us up on the surgical table, we are the same. Our bodies are a mere vessel for our souls, so why are so many peoples “vision” clouded with hate, venom and strife?

Instead of being against something, how about we be FOR something. I guarantee that if we shift our thoughts to what we are for, our turn outs will be much more positive. Does looting, rioting and destroying other people’s belongings and life-long business’s accomplish anything? No, it just causes more and more division. There is NEVER justification for any type of hate. Scripture even says that the enemy (the devil) only comes to Lie, Steal, and Destroy. Take a look at what we are seeing right now and realize that we are being deceived! I find it ironic that in the year 2020 which is referenced as perfect vision, it seems as though the vail that hid a lot of the perverse and evil things in the world, was suddenly lifted and now evil doesn’t even hide any more. Anybody with the least amount of discernment should be able to “see” this, right?

Maybe we should watch closer, but with spiritual glasses, or with our God-given intuition. Who is really bringing unity? Who is really being truthful? Who spreads love vs hate? Who is bating us into hating others based on race, gender, politics, etc? It’s so simple really. It all comes down to the golden rule. Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

If we did that we would only see shades of love and would act accordingly. You see, thoughts become actions and actions become things. Very powerful stuff.

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