Taking the Back Road

Instead of sitting in our houses cooped up, why not decide to be more adventurous? We can only clean so much. We can only eat so much before the scale starts climbing up. When feeling particularly anxious, or down in the dumps, I’ve decided I would do something about it.

This morning after literally wasting an hour on social media I was mad at myself for getting sucked back in. I felt like I was an addict with a problem. I realized how hard it is to just say no! I put on my yoga clothes, and my baseball cap and decided that the cure for my boredom was to feel like I was living and experiencing something, anything at all that got me out of the house, away from the screen and out of my own head.

The sun was shining so the top went down on the convertible. I decided I would drive into Waxhaw and check out the Provisions Store there and maybe check out the little shops near by. I was going to get on the interstate, but then thought I would rather go a different direction. I took the back roads, and I’m really glad I did. On the way I came across a pop-up market, where I stopped and got my favorite home made lavender soap and saw some really cool jewelry that some vendors had made. I saw tree lined streets, an old bridge over a stream. Horse farms, and old wooden barns and an unexpected little white chapel sitting in a grassy field. I had no time constraints and it felt good to get out of my bubble.

My good friend and next door neighbor has a saying: “always have something to look forward to.” She’s so right. Why work ourselves into the ground and have no fun? Fun doesn’t always have to cost a lot. I felt like I had some sort of adventure therapy today. It was good.

I feel like getting outside and doing something stimulating outside and away from a screen lowers our cortisol levels, and raises are serotonin, leaving us more relaxed and at peace. Why not treat ourselves to that more often? Adventure leads to curiosity and that has to be a win-win.

Taking the back, narrow winding roads made me think of the scripture that says “small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” It would have been so much easier to take the wide path, a quick interstate drive vs. the back roads, but what fun would that have been?

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