Feel the Bloat

I have been feeling pretty bloated lately, literally and figuratively.  The other day I told my husband that I do not know what more I can do to lose weight. I said I could go all day without eating and as soon as I eat something my stomach will look like I’m 5 months pregnant.  I decide that perhaps I need to keep a food diary to see exactly what I am shoveling in my mouth each day.  Maybe by the process of elimination I can see what is causing my “issue.”


I know some of it is my age, but I try so hard to eat clean and not eat a whole lot of processed food, dairy, etc.  It’s the sugar that causes me to crave and give in. At least that’s my theory. I see it and it looks so good.  The dark chocolate, the caramel, the sea salt.  My mouth waters just thinking about it.  Once my eyes see that sweet and salty goodness, my hands have no other option other than to grab it and indulge in its’ sweet creamy flavor and texture. I think I could honestly do a commercial for it and get paid millions.  Okay, I am getting a little off the chart there. Back to reality.


I remember when I was younger and in grade school music class, we used to sing a song called O Be Careful Little Eyes. When I was older, I would play the tape of the song in the car for my children while we ran errands.


O be careful little eyes what you see, for the Father up above, is looking down with love, O be careful little eyes what you see. The verses went the same for being careful about what we hear, what we say, what our hands do and where we go.


Such simple truths that can be applied to our lives today, don’t you think? What are we doing with our time each day?  What are we consuming with our eyes, and our ears?  What are we saying to others?  Are we building them up, or tearing them down?  What are we doing with our hands and where are we going with our feet?


My husband is a smart man.  He told me the other night that I need to give social media a break.  He said; “I just listen to the news in the morning to catch up on world events, then I focus on other things during the day.  He’s right, it can be so consuming that we miss out on actual quality of life.


What am I missing when I consume media like it’s that chocolate bar?


What am I missing when I listen to all of the name calling, and lies being spoon fed to us?


What am I missing when I constantly have my hands on my phone or on the tv remote?


What am I missing when I walk into my house to catch up on the news instead of taking a walk outside, ride my bike, or do yoga unconnected from all of that negative energy?


In much the same way unhealthy food can bloat our stomachs, the world and technology can bloat our hearts, minds, and mostly, our spirits.  Technology and social media can be like sugar is to the brain.  Once you have it, you just crave more and more, until that sugar turns your cells into cancer. Isn’t that what hate is?  It’s a cancer that is pervading our society as a whole.  The more we buy into it, the more it grows and grows.  Maybe we need to put our candy bar down (our cell phones) and take a walk.  Maybe if we do that more often, our eyes will be on our families, our friends, our hobbies and creativity.  We will be able to hear things that make us smile, do things with our hands that create or build something up.  We will use our feet not to run and destroy, but to run and exercise. Without distractions we can walk on a sandy beach and feel a sense of gratefulness that we are alive and well.  We need the quiet that tells us we are a small part of a large world that is made up of a lot of good.


Our internal world has an effect on our external world, so we have to be careful what we are consuming via media, food, etc.


Like the song says, I do believe He is still looking down from above and he sees’ it all.  I much rather He see us happy and treating each other with dignity and love, which we all deserve no matter what race, color or creed.




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