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Lucky 7

I’ve been thinking about my grandparents and my great Aunts’ and Uncles’ a lot lately. I’ve been thinking about all of the morals and ways of thinking that were passed down from generation to generation and that somehow, before my eyes they are slipping away from our culture. I’ve been thinking about how common sense isn’t so common any more.

I’ve been thinking about how some of them fought to make this country free. Something that we all take for granted. This generation, for the most part have NO idea what they really sacrificed. I think about how noisy the world has become with it’s talking heads and anger and divisiveness. I think about how if your opinion doesn’t match mine, or mine doesn’t match yours, then we are no longer friends. We no longer have neighbor-hoods. We have stranger-hoods.

My grandmother was one of 7 children. (truly it was 8, but Santos died when he was very little) Some of the best memories I had as a child was everyone going to my grandmother’s house that had been there over 100 years, and sitting around the table and talking to each other. There were no tv’s on, no cell phones, no anger or divisiveness. Just love. That’s the only way I can explain it. We are missing that today. So many can say “I am against this or that.” But I ask you instead: What are you FOR? Doesn’t asking that question send out a more positive energy? Are you for love? Are you for kindness and peace? Because if you’re not, then you are against those very things.

Scripture describes the enemy as the father of lies and that he comes to lie, steal and destroy. Isn’t that exactly what we see when we turn on our tv’s? In the book of Revelation it talks about how in the end times there will be many false profits and lawlessness. Is this not what we see when we turn on the tv? False profits aren’t people in robes standing on street corners, if you catch my drift.

All seven of my Aunt’s and Uncles are now gone. They would have shaken their heads in disgust over what his happening to our country. They had critical thinking skills, common sense and they were generous not only with their possessions, but with their love. The world needs more of that.

Seven is an interesting number. It is referenced over 700 times in scripture. It is considered to be the number of spiritual perfection because it is a symbol of God’s work. Peter asked Jesus in Matthew 18: 21-22 how many times he should forgive someone and of course the answer was 70 x 7. In Genesis God created the earth and on the 7th day he rested to see the perfection of it all. There are many “sevens” in the book of Revelation. I also noticed that there are always seven colors in every rainbow I see. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Kind of interesting, considering God’s promise to never flood the earth again, was sealed with a rainbow.

I can’t help but think, that they are the lucky ones. Up there in heaven laughing and hugging one another. Reunited with Santos and my Nana and Nano. Picking giant lemons from their lemon tree in the garden and telling stories. How I miss them all, my lucky 7.


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