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wedding with laurel

My best friend, how lucky I am to be able to have her in my life.  I was eight or nine years old when we met. A forty year friendship. Not many people can say that.  No matter the distance or amount of time we have not spoken, she is always there. We pick up right where we left off.  I feel immensely protective over her, almost like a mother is protective over her child. Only it is much more than that. I respect her and I love her because of what she has given me over time that no one else has. She made my past redeemable. She is one of the few people who experienced my ups and downs with me. She is one of the few who actually met my grandparents when they were alive. To me, that is a priceless thing to share.  She gets me. I get her. I love her like a sister, because to me, she is.  This picture is priceless to me because in that single moment when I caught her eye, I could see my whole life up to that point and the amount of gratitude I felt at that moment was unmeasurable.

I used to look back and think about all of the ways I was unhappy growing up.  Who didn’t love me or take care of me the way I thought I should have been. Who didn’t provide the things I thought I needed.  I could only focus on the lack.

How I have changed over the years.  My perspective has evolved tremendously.  There was always something in my spirit, tucked way down inside of me that symbolized hope. I do not remember the moment I chose to change, it seemed to occur ever so slightly with each good thing or experience I chose to acknowledge and be purposely grateful for.

I noticed that each time I focussed on the bad, something else bad would happen, therefore proving my point and allowing me to stay in that realm of existence.  However, when I gave thanks it seemed to perpetuate other good things to come into my life.

There seems to be something magical about looking for the good and being thankful.  The law of attraction is real. I have seen it over and over.

My mom didn’t love me vs my grandmother was always there for me. Not only that, my best friends’ mother was a true blessing as well. Perhaps my mom did love me, she just didn’t know how to show me.

I am a failure at life because I’ve been divorced vs I have learned from every mistake I’ve made and I have grown from them.

I do not have everything I want vs. I have everything thing I need. A husband who loves me and shows me every day, a roof over my head, a job, a reliable car, healthy children, an expanded mind to see the world differently than I had before.

The world is essentially a good place if we choose to see it that way, even on the hard days.

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