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Have You Ever Noticed?

Have you ever noticed everyone is in such a hurry to get everywhere?  Radio’s blasting, cell phones in our faces, people in a huff when they have to wait in line or crazy people honking behind you the very second your red light turns green? Fast food filled with chemicals and doctor offices jam-packed with sick people. 

Have you ever noticed people chasing after the all mighty dollar instead of realizing the All Mighty is all around them? Some days I get so sick of it all. I feel like a rat on a wheel. I go to work, come home, eat, clean and the next morning I start all over again. What good is life anyway?

I’ll tell you what good it is: when you are diagnosed with a life threatening illness you begin to notice a lot more.  You notice the sounds of the birds singing in the morning.  You notice the warmth of the sunshine kissing your skin and the smell of honeysuckle in the air. A cool breeze on a hot day is greeted with even more thanks than usual.

You long for more trips to the beach because you feel like God is right there.  You begin to realize your capacity to love and receive love has grown even deeper than you thought possible. You have more empathy for others. You realize just how short life can be and you hope yours matters.

You notice who makes time for you in their busy lives and who does not.  You realize some people are just full of crap. They say they care but it’s all talk and no action.  That’s ok though because it just makes everything that much clearer for you. 

Take more time to do what makes you feel alive. Notice everything you can and make the most of every moment. Don’t be that rat on the wheel.  Be kinder, slow down and when the jerk behind you honks for you to go faster, smile to yourself and let up on the gas even more.


With two grown children out of the house I pray I did most things right and they appreciate the type of mother I have been with them. With one left in my nest getting his drivers permit the reality that he too will be gone soon has really set in.

Sometimes I feel sad that my children  had parents who were divorced, but I also know that I was more whole because I was free. It did make life harder but it also made me stronger and that much more determined to be the best I could be for them. That has always been my goal. They were my number one priority.

Over the last few years my journey seems to be coming full circle. Someone from 30 years ago, whom I always regretted losing stepped back into my life.  I finally feel like my family is whole again in many ways.

As my son was driving the other night he said to me that Mike and  I are “goals.” I asked what he meant by that. He stated that we have the type of relationship everyone wants. I was completely blown away.  Here was my 16 year old telling me I had it right.

It made me feel good that he respects Mike so much and that he could see how a genuine relationship should be. I am so glad he has that as a goal for himself one day as well.






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