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While We Can

Time is so elusive, isn’t it?  It seems like we are young one day and the next thing you know it, your body is not as spry as it once was.  It happens in a sneaky kind of way.  You go out to do yard work the first day of spring and you realize that your hands aren’t as strong as they used to be pulling those weeds.  Summer comes along and you dread the heat.  Your kids aren’t screaming your name every second of the day, but now you wish they were home with you, instead of their friends.

I used to hate the winter, but now there is something nice about hibernating in the house, making good meals and relaxing with my family.  Tunics, leggings, boots and scarves are never rejected.  The colorful leaves that fall from the trees’ are a welcome sight and the crisp, fresh air is refreshing when I step outside.

I am not in a hurry all the time like I once was.  I notice the sunset more often and I notice the way people treat one another.  I recall the time when my grandmother told me to put my fork down in between bites and to really taste the food I was eating.  Therefore, I try not to scarf my food down like a starving orphan.

Admittedy, I also find myself forgetting.  I forget what i went up upstairs for by the time I get to the top step.  I ask my children a question, and they tell me I just asked that same question.   It scares me to some degree and I am resolute to be more mindful.

When I was a little girl, I spent many summers with my grandparents.  It seems as though I can remember more things from before I was age ten, than my whole teenage years and beyond.  I wonder if it is because, those years are when I felt most loved. I felt like I mattered to someone. It’s funny how material things can fade, but memories of how someone loved us, can stick with us for a life time.

I also remember when I was younger, my grandfather used to take me down to the local pub.  I’d sit on the stool next to him and would listen to him brag about me. He would pinch my cheeks and say something in Italian.  I think he was calling me chubby, but that’s ok. Every time we would be there he would play the same song in the juke box.  It was a song by Lynn Anderson called I Never Promised You a Rose Garden.  She sung about enjoying the good times while we can and that life was not always a rose garden.  How true that was.  There are always thorns that go along with beauty I guess.

So while we can:

Let’s laugh more often

Let’s hug our loved ones and forget about the petty little issues

Let’s dance in our kitchen and sing in our shower

Let’s tip the waitress or waiter more, even though we may not have much ourselves

Let’s take more walks and drink more water, or for that matter, more wine!

Let’s remember that one day our body will be done and all we will have left are our memories.  I hope I end up with a lot of good ones…

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