Archive | June 2015

Silence is Power

I find that silence is a great antidote to stressful times.  There is something about shutting off the television and the music, and stepping outside that is soothing. We become connected to nature and disconnected from the world and all of it’s craziness.

It is a way to clear out all of the endless worry and chatter in our minds that seems to grab hold of us and makes us confused.

Silence is also good to use when we feel like automatically responding to someone who irritates or disappoints us. Instead of spouting out some “clever” response or angry outburst, it actually gives us more power to be silent. We are more in control when we do not let others determine our responses or our emotions.

Being silent doesn’t make me weak, it actually makes me stronger. I speak once I have thought things through.  I decide once doubt has passed. I am confident with whatever choice I come to.

So next time you feel overwhelmed, worried and stressed,  step out and clear your mind.  Take a walk or lay down on your bed. Do whatever you need to be in the moment. Feel confident that you are enough and nobody can steal your time or your joy unless you let them.

You have the power.