Dreams are important. They’re messages from God. When you ignore them or resist them or are kept from pursuing them, you are cut to the core of your being…Glenn Beck

I have often thought that we have dreams and desires in our hearts for a reason. They are what we constantly think about or  wish we could do or be.

If our dreams are messages from God, then maybe we need to believe that if we take even the smallest of steps to make those dreams and desires happen He will guide us each step of the way.

How will we know when He is guiding us though? Awareness. Awareness of what is happening around us and the people or circumstances He puts in front of us.  The longer I live, I have come to believe that there are no coincidences

With open eyes….Keep dreaming and be aware. He might just be guiding you the whole way.

3 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I was thinking about you & the sermon on seasons. Know what season you’re in? You’re in the season of your kids becoming adults. Did you realize that in 5 years your kids will all be adults? I’m willing to bet at least one of your girls will move out of the city. At least One will either be engaged or married or living with their significant other. At least one will be away in school or learning a trade. There is the possibility that none of the 3 will be living at home with you. You are in the last season of having all your kids close, protected under your roof. Your season is to embrace these very special years before they are grown up & living their own lives. Cherish the times together, the holidays were the 4 of you are together as one unit. Soon enough they will be gone. Maybe not far, but in their own new season of life. Love your kids. Kids your kids. Spend time with your kids. Soon enough it will be time for a new season for you. But for right now, this is the season of your kids. They should be your joy right now.

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    • Nicole…your response was timely today and I have a lot of questions that I am grappling with. Thank you for the clarity that I desperately needed. You know my kids are my number one priority and the other dreams I have will surely come. It’s just not my season right now.

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