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Dreams are important. They’re messages from God. When you ignore them or resist them or are kept from pursuing them, you are cut to the core of your being…Glenn Beck

I have often thought that we have dreams and desires in our hearts for a reason. They are what we constantly think about or  wish we could do or be.

If our dreams are messages from God, then maybe we need to believe that if we take even the smallest of steps to make those dreams and desires happen He will guide us each step of the way.

How will we know when He is guiding us though? Awareness. Awareness of what is happening around us and the people or circumstances He puts in front of us.  The longer I live, I have come to believe that there are no coincidences

With open eyes….Keep dreaming and be aware. He might just be guiding you the whole way.

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There will be times in our lives that we will be disappointed. That’s a guarantee, but it will be our choice if we let those things make us live in the hopeless feeling of discouragement. When we are tired, hungry or discouraged is when we tend to make poor choices. Trust me, I’ve made these mistakes.

So renew our minds when when disappointment comes, and know that we are never alone. If we are believers in the One true God, He lives within us and we are never alone. Continue reading

I Come As I Am

I wasn’t going to go to church this morning. After all, I reasoned with myself that I hadn’t gone consistently in the last few months. I didn’t want to go by myself and be reminded of how alone I am. I thought about how much I loved going to church with my husband and how good it felt when we were there together. I thought about how good it felt when he would squeeze my hand and put his arm around me as we worshiped.

I also reasoned with myself that if I continue on this path of becoming comfortable with withdrawing from others, I will eventually become an island where no one can get to me at all. Hmm…sounds kind of good at times, but not good for my spirit I am sure.

So reluctantly, I got up and got ready, all the while asking God to help me see Him in my life because He seems so distant at times. I know deep within that He is not, but lately I just do not feel it.

As I walked into service, I observed everyone who was around me, aware of myself being unmatched with someone. I know it doesn’t make me insignificant, I was just acutely aware. Then the worship began and the words in the song: “I come as I am,” sunk so deep. Yes, I came even though I didn’t want to. I came alone, broken, afraid of my future, full of worry, but I came and it was a step in the right direction. The energy is always good there at my church. The pastor always seems genuine and his heart seems in the right place, regardless of what other haters may think of him.

The sermon today was about how to be grateful:

1. Alertness: Our eyes have to be open each day to the miracles around us, to the Holy Spirit working around us and in us. If we walk around complaining and only seeing the negative, then we are not alert to what He may be trying to show us every day.
2. Attire: What clothes do we put on spiritually every day? Anxiety? Bitterness? Loneliness? ( Yes, yes, and yes I was ashamed to admit this to myself)
3. Access: Isaiah 52:2 Rise from the dust…remove the chains of slavery. Shake off the dust when someone hurts you or criticizes you. Don’t allow negative thoughts to access my heart. Be armed for the battle!

So, I am grateful today that I shook off the dust and I drove myself to church. It was a timely reminder that I needed to change my way of thinking and get back to the strong person that I know I am. It reminded me that He is still with me even though I do not have a physical human being to squeeze my hand or put their arm around me.

I have the King of Kings within me and I come to Him as I am and He accepts that with more love than any human can…

Thank you

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It’s More Than Just Dinner

. Supper is about prevention and repair. We don’t have to reinvent our relationships every day, because they are already built into what we know we will do. We don’t have to make a special time to get together, because it already exists. We have a place where we can bring things, a set of actions that is both symbolic and real.”
Source: Miriam Weinstein. The Surprising Power of Family Meals: How Eating Together Makes Us Smarter, Stronger, Healthier and Happier. 2005. pgs. 246-247

There were two types of dinners I experienced as a child. They were stark in contrast, yet both left a lasting impression on me. One type of dinner I had was with my mother and step father. It was laden with rules, over-sized portions, and tension so thick that even our steak knives could not cut through. There was no talk about how your day was, because quite frankly children in our house were to be seen and never heard. It was silent; accept for the few derogatory comments that would be said by my forever- unhappy step father. It was a time to eat as fast as you could so you could disappear back into your room, away from the threat of ugly words and probably some sort of punishment from out of nowhere.

Then there was dinner at my best friend’s house. They ate every evening at 6pm. It was a set time and there were no questions where they would be at that time of day. No matter what adventure her and I were into, she always had to go home by six. I ate a lot of dinners at her house growing up and I loved every one of them. At first I thought it was odd that they ate every day together because our house was so sporadic, and without routine of any sort. I thought it was so strange that they talked to each other while they ate. But over time I thought to myself; “Some day when I have a family, dinnertime is going to be important. It’s going to be a time that I will let my children know that they are loved and cared for. It will be a place to come together and feel like a family should feel.

It’s funny the things we remember as a child and the decisions that we make based on our experiences. We can either have self pity and carry on the bad habits or negative traits, or we can choose to make different paths and better experiences for ourselves and the ones that we love. We can break the domino effect that others carried on before us, and live a better life.

So I choose to say, thank you Laurel for being my friend since we were eight or nine years old, and sharing your family with me. It changed me and showed me a different life. It showed me the importance of family and tradition, of love and character. It showed me the power of our mind and if we change the way think, our actions will follow suit.

I hope my children will look back some day and feel thankful for all of the meals we have shared over their lifetime and realize why I made it such an important part of our lives.

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