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In Case of Emergency


As some of you know, I have put a bucket list together recently and the first thing listed was to get my passport. I am happy to report that it took a while, but it finally arrived. YES! I was a happy girl even though I have no way of getting to Italy right now. At least I am one step closer than I was.

There was of course a section on it that I needed to fill out that asked who I would want to call in case of an emergency. When married, I would have put my husband down without hesitation. I sat there and I looked at the blank page and thought; “Who would come for me if I needed them?” It’s a somewhat sobering question.

Who would come for you? When I was young I remember my grandmother telling me that in life I would make many acquaintances, but very few friends. She was so right. I can count on one hand my truest friends. I know they would drop everything to help me, and I would do the same for them. I love them. I value them. I am thankful for them more than they probably know.

This brings me to another question though. Who do we spend our time with? I’ve heard the saying that we are only as good as those we surround ourselves with. Do we bring value to their lives and do they bring value to ours? Are the people we hang out with shallow? Are they interested in what really matters in life? Do they inspire us or do they just fill up time in our day? I can go dancing and be happy and light hearted but I know there is so much more to life than doing that every single weekend. I need quiet time to be alone as well as just being able to have a real conversation with someone face to face, about anything and everything. I need time to connect to God or nature.

I believe we all want to be known by someone. Not our exterior we put on, but the real us. The gritty, funny, sad, angry or whatever it may be…us. I realize that someday our exterior appearances will change no matter how much time we spend on the treadmill or at the gym. Our bodies change, our faces change. Our hair becomes gray. (I will fight this as long as possible!) I want to know that even when those things happen I will have friends who love me no matter what. We may see them with our eyes, but better yet we will be able to see their heart and the person on the inside. What greater joy could we find than that?

So who’s your “In Case of an Emergency person?” If you don’t know, be a friend who cares and see how the universe will bring someone to you who cares just as much if not more!

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