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He Just IS

Welcome to my first blog ever.  My goal is to post at least one per week.  I hope they may help inspire you, make you laugh, or even just make your day a little brighter in some way.

It had been a busy first day of school.  With dinner made, and all of the paperwork filled out for two children, showers were taken and back packs prepared  for the next day. It was finally time for bed.  My twelve year old had finally laid his head on his pillow ready for a good nights rest.  With the lights turned off and hugs given, I finally climbed into my own bed and my mind began worrying about a myriad of problems that were weighing on me.

Moments later, in walks my son and he says to me; “Mom, I was wondering, I know that God created us and everything else, but who created God?”  How do I answer a question like this??  All I could come up with was, “He just IS.”  There really wasn’t  any philosophical answer here.  I said that I thought that maybe there are things in this life that He doesn’t want us to understand, because after all, if we understood everything, then we wouldn’t need God. My son seemed satisfied with the answer and found his way back to bed.

But it left me with a lingering sense that sometimes I tend to overthink my problems, instead of just trusting in the One who just IS.  The one who scripture says knows the number of hairs on my head and had my days all planned out for me before I was ever born.  I go over each thing in my mind that I need to resolve or the things I fear, instead of just laying them down at the feet of the One who just IS. 

As I thought of my son and his perfect timing..I closed my eyes and I smiled.  I was so thankful for all that I did have and the worries of the day seemed to fade away…